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What We Watched Last Night 2/27/2011

8:30 PM 2010-2011 Academy Awards (ABC)

Picture taken from Hourly Update

What a spectacular way to end the year in film! Tonight 4/6 of the monkeys tuned into the academy awards which will certainly be a top-rated program of the night. It was an especially youthful night with James Franco and Anne Hathaway at the helm. The King’s Speech turned out to be the big winner, inching out our demographic favorite: Inception. We have added The Fighter, Exit through the Giftshop and Javier Bardem’s “Biutiful” to our queue.

9:00 PM Californication (SHOWTIME)

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Californication is quite possibly the raunchiest, dirtiest and most obscene mainstream television program on air. It chronicles the life of Hank Moody (David Duchovny) a struggling writer who is always in the right situation at the right time. Therefore, it is right in our wheelhouse. This show gets the full monkey attendance each and every sunday. The show is currently in its fifth season and each episode continues to push pay television’s envelope. Perhaps we are outliers in the demographic by having the luxury of Showtime, however, this show is worth every penny.

10:00 PM Shameless (SHOWTIME)

Introducing Frank Gallagher played by William H. Macy. Frank is the antagonist of the show “Shameless”, another program on Showtime that brings all of the monkeys out of the woodwork. Shameless is a scripted hour that delves into the lives of the Gallagher family, a more than dysfunctional group of individuals brought together by their need for each other rather than blood. Each week the Gallagher’s, with Frank as their not-so leader, find themselves in some type of trouble. Also, the lead character Fiona, played by Emmy Rossum is exceptional:

This is what we watched tonight, stay tuned for the next post!


What We Watched Last Night 2/17/11

(9:00 PM) Modern Family (ABC)

Granted it hasn’t been as funny as Season 1, there’s nothing that we anticipate more each week than a half-hour with Phil Dunphy and the hilarious yet grounded characters of Modern Family on ABC. Not to mention that it’s hard to take our eyes off of the beautiful matriarchs: Sofia Vergara and Julie Bowen.


(9:00 PM) Man Vs. Food: Carnivore Chronicles (TRAVEL)

The Travel Channel and Adam Richman have a great thing going. We watched Carnivore Chronicles (that recorded during Modern Family) in the 9:30pm slot between Modern Family and Top Chef. In this series, Richman travels to different restaurants in search of the meatiest of delicacies. It was the logical choice when faced with American Idol, Mr. Sunshine and Minute to Win It. , Mr. Sunshine, however, will probably be watched time-shifted within the next three days.


(10:00 PM) Top Chef: All-Stars (BRAVO)

The combination of spectacular cooking, desperate characters and unique challenges makes Top Chef All-Stars a personal favorite of ours. This season, the stakes are extraordinarily high with $500,000 worth of cash prizes on the line as well as a feature in Food & Wine magazine for the winning chef. Each chef on All-Stars is ready for redemption and to take home the title that has eluded them in the past.

Six guys watching Bravo, you ask? Well… there’s something very appealing to the flashy logo, edgy judges and high-drama productions. This is not an older-skewing female channel by any means and we have the viewership to prove it.


Unstoppable (Film)

Director: Tony Scott

Actors: Denzel Washington, Chris Pine, Rosario Dawson

There’s nothing better than ending a night with a great flick, especially if it involves the likes of Denzel Washington and Rosario Dawson. Unstoppable may not be deserving of the prestigious “six monkeys” but it definitely held our attention and provided a gripping 98 minutes of Denzel acting like the man in a time of extreme adversity.


Welcome to Six Monkeys!

Welcome to Six Monkeys. The idea behind this blog is to record the way that myself and my five college roommates engage in all forms of media. It’s purpose is to uncover the habits of this very focused demographic and gain a qualitative understanding of what works and what doesn’t when pitching to a white 22-year old male. The blog will consist of the type of media we’re engaging with, why we’re engaging with it and how we feel about it. It will shed light upon opinions and viewpoints rather than on numbers and statistics. By doing this, the blog will examine how a media trend is set and what makes a trend successful for the featured demographic.

With blogs as a testament, we’re in the midst of a “paradigm shift” in which the way we communicate and receive content is completely changing. The viewer or audience has more power than ever before.  Moreover, the growing number of distributors offering content in the Video-On-Demand form is a sign that television and film may be completely different in as little as five years. It is of the utmost importance that we understand what is successful and what fails to capture our minds and attention. This blog is intended to anticipate the shift and determine what is valued by the viewer.

My prediction is that the blog will cover a lot of television, film and website use but I want to keep it open to any and all types of media. Thank you for joining the six monkey community and check back for updates and new posts.