Monkey Island

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This past week we went freestyle cruising on the Norwegian Spirit cruise ship. It was an incredible time but needless to say, there were not many things to watch or alternate media forms to engage in. With our blackberries, iphones, ipods and androids locked safely in our cabins, we enjoyed the pool deck and the hot hot Mexican sun.

However, there is nothing that gets the male 18-34 demographic riled up like NCAA basketball:

Six Monkeys!

Unfortunately, our vacation week fell smack dab within the March Madness tournament. So, with paws wrapped around Bourbon & Cokes the monkeys howled at the bartenders (in the most polite fashion, of course) until they tuned all channels to CBS, TruTV, TNT or TBS to catch as much of the March Madness games as possible.

Interestingly, in a press release given by Turner Broadcasting System, the parent company of TruTV, TNT and TBS, the company notes that the viewership of the March Madness tournament within the first two weeks was staggering. Nearly 100 million people tuned in at some point to the live coverage of the games on either of the four networks. This is up 11% from last year’s 89.6 million viewing audience.

In an ever-increasing media industry, live sports may be the only thing barring  a completely on-demand system. As companies such as Netflix and Hulu and even Facebook continue to expand their available content, channels like ESPN, ESPN2, FOX and CBS reached unprecedented numbers this year throughout sports coverage, especially during the winter football months. This is a clear indication that there is still a strong desire for appointment television. The future of content distribution is a topic that we will look further into in later posts. Leave a post on where you think we’re headed in these uncertain times!


One response to “Monkey Island

  • Arteest

    Damn, wish I could’ve gone on a cruise for Spring Break. Womp, womp! Except, i don’t really get too caught up in collegiate sports. I’ll watch the if I can, but I think if i was on a cruise i probably would’ve been more focused on the ladies of the ship..LoL Good read though.

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