Yesterday, I found the weirdest thing on my DVR

Yesterday, after a long day of class I plopped down on the couch to catch up on television that I recorded. However, when I pulled up the DVR application I saw something I had never dreamed would appear in the cache of shows. It’s called Extreme Couponing and it’s on TLC. I’m not sure how it got there and I can’t imagine it was on purpose. I was actually pretty familiar with the show because of its recent series order and high ratings as a special. Being the TV aficionado that I am, I couldn’t pass up the desire to check it out (I will watch anything once). So I watched: one monkey, one show, 30 minutes.

My conclusion: This show is amazing. Non-fiction television at its finest and it is actually quite educational. In my opinion, the purpose of television is to take a viewer to a place that they couldn’t normally access and allow a passive interaction within that space. Although I have used coupons before, I had no idea the craze that existed as well as how much someone can save by using coupons. Check out this clip in which a woman’s groceries comes to $250 and she only pays $7!

I remember my mom sitting at the kitchen table on Sunday morning cutting coupons and preparing for the week’s groceries but this takes it to another level:

Check out Extreme Couponing Wednesday nights at 9PM on TLC.


4 responses to “Yesterday, I found the weirdest thing on my DVR

  • anonymous

    Impressive…but the problem with shopping that way is you’re buying things that you might not even end up eating because you bought them because they were on sale, not because you wanted them. But I guess its worth it if you save over 80%. I wonder how frequently she is able to do that.

  • Samara

    That is awesome! Props to that lady. Though I think the idea of the show is a really good, especially throughout the recession, there is no way I could watch more than one episode of this show. This is my exact feeling about Hoarders, except Hoarders is more disturbing.

  • Afro

    Although my mom doesn’t spend a lot of time clipping coupons, when it came to something I wanted, say like Charmin’s tissue instead of Scott, she would ask do you have a coupon. She also buys a coupon book every year for $20 and tries to use as many as she can. You can get pretty good deals, but I wonder is it worth it?

  • mwhite1

    I’ve seen a couple episodes of this show actually, usually there is nothing else on so don’t judge me haha, but there was one episode where the grocery store actually ended up having to pay one woman money! It’s crazy to see some of these people’s bills go up to over $1,000 and they spend less than $50. Couponing is their job though, if you are a stay at home mom then I say go for it. Some of these people are dumpster diving to find coupons though and that I would never do, it’s just degrading.

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