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Welcome to the Zoo!

Besides the fact that we are zombies to television, film and advertising there are more specific reasons why we call ourselves monkeys. Here is a virtual tour of our house/cage/zoo. Do you think that we should clean or is our house beyond repair? Leave you thoughts and we will certainly take them into consideration.


And the word of the day is…

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I’m not sure how it happened, but a unique phrase has taken hold of the monkey lingo. It started about a month ago and the frequency of use has only increased. Treacherous is so much more than an adjective, it’s a state of mind. More specifically, it’s the college state of mind. Treacherous behavior includes going all out, acting like a fool and having little regard for normal human behavior. For example, a night of heavy drinking can be preceded by the phrase “It’s time to get treacherous tonight.” It’s also very possible to put oneself in a treacherous situation. For example, a bar special of $1 Bud Light is treacherous because of the ease in which that will translate into treacherous activity. At any point, someone that is taking part in treacherous behavior can be said to be engaging in treachery. Also, someone that is acting particularly treacherous can be nicknamed “treach” and should be referred to as “treach” until a change in activity. Have you or your friends ever acted treacherous? Please comment and describe!

Monkey Island

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This past week we went freestyle cruising on the Norwegian Spirit cruise ship. It was an incredible time but needless to say, there were not many things to watch or alternate media forms to engage in. With our blackberries, iphones, ipods and androids locked safely in our cabins, we enjoyed the pool deck and the hot hot Mexican sun.

However, there is nothing that gets the male 18-34 demographic riled up like NCAA basketball:

Six Monkeys!

Unfortunately, our vacation week fell smack dab within the March Madness tournament. So, with paws wrapped around Bourbon & Cokes the monkeys howled at the bartenders (in the most polite fashion, of course) until they tuned all channels to CBS, TruTV, TNT or TBS to catch as much of the March Madness games as possible.

Interestingly, in a press release given by Turner Broadcasting System, the parent company of TruTV, TNT and TBS, the company notes that the viewership of the March Madness tournament within the first two weeks was staggering. Nearly 100 million people tuned in at some point to the live coverage of the games on either of the four networks. This is up 11% from last year’s 89.6 million viewing audience.

In an ever-increasing media industry, live sports may be the only thing barring  a completely on-demand system. As companies such as Netflix and Hulu and even Facebook continue to expand their available content, channels like ESPN, ESPN2, FOX and CBS reached unprecedented numbers this year throughout sports coverage, especially during the winter football months. This is a clear indication that there is still a strong desire for appointment television. The future of content distribution is a topic that we will look further into in later posts. Leave a post on where you think we’re headed in these uncertain times!

Welcome to Six Monkeys!

Welcome to Six Monkeys. The idea behind this blog is to record the way that myself and my five college roommates engage in all forms of media. It’s purpose is to uncover the habits of this very focused demographic and gain a qualitative understanding of what works and what doesn’t when pitching to a white 22-year old male. The blog will consist of the type of media we’re engaging with, why we’re engaging with it and how we feel about it. It will shed light upon opinions and viewpoints rather than on numbers and statistics. By doing this, the blog will examine how a media trend is set and what makes a trend successful for the featured demographic.

With blogs as a testament, we’re in the midst of a “paradigm shift” in which the way we communicate and receive content is completely changing. The viewer or audience has more power than ever before.  Moreover, the growing number of distributors offering content in the Video-On-Demand form is a sign that television and film may be completely different in as little as five years. It is of the utmost importance that we understand what is successful and what fails to capture our minds and attention. This blog is intended to anticipate the shift and determine what is valued by the viewer.

My prediction is that the blog will cover a lot of television, film and website use but I want to keep it open to any and all types of media. Thank you for joining the six monkey community and check back for updates and new posts.